The design of sandCELL.

The design of the patented sandCELL block from Coastal Erosion Solutions is so effective because each block forms part of an interlinked matrix, similar in concept to chain mail armour where every unit is crosslinked, both laterally and vertically, making it completely effective at absorbing and dissipating any beach surge impact.

In a typical wall section, the sandCELL base blocks where wave action is most prevalent has in the region of 40 blocks above it with an accumulated weight of 3000 kgs (40 times 75 kg) holding it securely in place.

Once installed it also has the advantage of currently being the most successful system at accruing sand at the base of the structure and thereby assisting with naturally rebuilding the beach.

The sandCELL blocks can be custom coloured, planted out as a vegetation wall or even completely covered over with sand, with it always being permanently in place as a last

sandCELL’s modular flexibility allows designers to easily include safe access points to the beach, like stairs and ramps, for both vehicles and pedestrians. Walkways and barriers are also easily created along the length of the wall when required.

Each sandCELL has a drained planter incorporated into the design this helps, reduce the effects of wave action, assists the accrual of waterborne beach sand and allows for aesthetic planting with native species of flora like Pigs face. This will encourage fauna to cohabit the installation and allows for a natural integration sandCELL blocks can also be colour matched to the beach sand to blend in better with the surrounding landscape.

The modular matrix of sandCELL allows for faster construction time, accurate and predictable engineering, better component quality control, more efficient use of resource sand  natural movement without compromising the structure


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