Cost & construction with Coastal Erosion Solutions

In 2019 the new engineered rock wall was completed at
 Narrabeen. It is only 250 metres long and took 2 years to build
 using 14,000 tonnes of rock with significant and continual
 traffic disturbance and general disruption of the area.

The sandCELL system from Coastal Erosion Solutions will be significantly less expensive than a rock wall of comparative durability with and with far lower ongoing costs.

We use about 75% less introduced product than a rock wall.

Installation is far quicker and simpler with a quality controlled, modular product that is cross linked mechanically rather than bonded.

Onsite machinery required is far smaller as sandCELL blocks weigh 75kg, whereas rocks in a rock wall with the same strength rating as ours requires rocks of in the region of 3000 kgs.

sandCELL blocks are formed using 50MPa unreinforced, mass concrete manufactured as near to the installation site as possible keeping site traffic and disturbance to a minimum.


Footprint of sandCELL.

sandCELL blocks from Coastal Erosion Solutions are simple to make locally in our
 custom pallet moulds.

Existing concrete manufacturers in the area can easily
 handle the production of blocks. Installation is also
 relatively simple for local construction companies with a
 minimal use of construction machinery.

Our wall saves valuable beach space. 

It is installed at 65-degree gradient compared to an 
engineered rock wall (of similar storm resistivity) at 30

. We therefore require only one third of the working area to
 reach the same height.

A sandCELL wall 4 metres high 
has less than 2 metre footprint whereas a stone wall
would require 6 metres. 

This is often critical as in many beach erosion scenarios 
as space is limited and there is simply not enough space 
available to correctly construct an engineered stone wall


Maintenance of sandCELL.

The sandCELL block from from Coastal Erosion Solutions has a high compressive strength with no steel reinforcing. This makes it extremely durable and eliminates any concrete cancer issues.

Our sandCELL system consists of interlocking, 50MPa concrete blocks which once placed within a wall become immovable.

There are no significant gaps between sandCELL blocks. This stops water ingress and prevents any erosion or collapse of the supported embankment.

This aspect is much more difficult to control with randomly shaped rock which is susceptible to storm surge and the need to constantly evaluate damage and complete maintenance after large storm events.


Public safety

Rock walls present far more injury safety concerns than sandCELL blocks from Coastal Erosion Solutions, presenting a risk to people traversing the rock structure.

Cavities between rocks are often evident especially after its integrity has been compromised by wave action, water runoff or settlement issues.


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